Wednesday, November 13, 2013

LG G Pro Lite D686 unboxing

Hi everyone in this article i'm going to unboxing LG G Pro Lite dual D686 (dual SIM version). So here's the content package of LG G Pro Lite.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Welcome to LG G Pro Lite blog

I just create another blog for another device, this time is LG G Pro Lite D686, a 5.5 inches android smartphones (or sometimes called phablet; phone-tablet).

So this is my third android smartphone and my first ever LG smartphone, previously i own (and still) low end android phone sony xperia tipo and samsung galaxy fame.

LG G Pro Lite considered as mid-range android smartphone. So basically i will write tutorials, how-tos, guides, tips tricks for LG G Pro Lite in this blog.

Be sure to bookmark and check out this blog at least once a week, because i'm going to write some good stuff for LG G Pro Lite owners.

So here's my smartphones collection :) from left to right, LG G pro Lite, Sony Xperia Tipo, and Samsung Galaxy Fame.