Friday, August 1, 2014

How to upgrade to KitKat 4.4.4

Hello guys, what's up? welcome back to this blog, alright in this article i will show you how to upgrade your LG G pro lite to android 4.4.4 (kitkat), this is very exciting stuff.

LG G pro lite comes with android 4.1.2 out of the box, and since everybody is not patient to get the official kitkat update from LG, i decided to give you this tutorial.

With this very simple trick you can make your LG G pro lite android version from 4.1.2 (jelly bean) to 4.4.4 also known as kitkat.

Before we start, here's stuff that you will need for this tutorial :
Alright, after you have all that, we can begin the tutorial, here we go....

Step by step how to upgrade to kitkat 4.4.4 :
  • open root explorer app
  • mount as r/w (read and write)
  • go to /system folder
  • find the build.prop in there
  • press long on build.prop and then select "open in text editor"
  • find this line :
  • change into this : 
  • save and exit
  • reboot/restart your phone

You can see the android version by going to Settings > About phone > Android version for LG G pro lite single SIM.

And for LG G pro lite dual SIM, you can view from Settings > About phone > Common > Software information > Android version.

Now that you have android 4.4.4, you can show off to your frends or family, make your mom proud of you :)

~ be happy ~


  1. When will the official kitkat upgrade will arrive?
    Because it will just change the version in written and will not have any changes in its software...

    1. i'm not working with LG, so i don't know exactly when, but some people says it will be on december 2014 or earlier.

  2. it was not official kitkat it is only name change trick
    it's very simple trick.

    1. yes,this is just for fun while we waiting for the official kitkat from LG :)

  3. updated to kitkat :D go to setting>about phone>common>software update>untick check automatically updates> click check updats n it will show new os updates n enjoy

  4. i want to install a new rom can you show me how please