Saturday, September 27, 2014

How to enter download mode on LG G Pro Lite

Hello everyone, i'm back writing useful tips trick for all of you, and in this article i will show you how to enter download mode on LG G pro lite.

What is download mode? download mode is for flashing your phone, all android device have this download mode so you can flash them with brand new firmware.

But i'm not going to show you how to flash LG G pro lite in here, that would be the next article, right now let's focus on how to enter download mode on LG G pro lite.

How to enter download mode
  1. turn off your phone
  2. press and hold volume rocker up button
  3. while pressing volume rocker up button, plug the phone to computer using micro usb cable
  4. you should see "download mode" under LG logo  

How to exit download mode
  1. open the back cover
  2. take out the battery
  3. put the battery back on
  4. press the power button
That's it, very simple isn't it? you are going to need this if you want to flash your LG G pro lite, next article i will show you how to flash LG G pro lite offline.

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  1. But there are no custom roms available for the phone.......
    If roms would be there than flashing them would be great fun but since bootloader is locked so we cannot do anything......

  2. hey. someone can up a kitkat rom in kdz for lg g pro lite d685 ? please. im bricked my phone. , and, up in any server , but, not in mega rs

    1. hi you can download from here :

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  4. which one should I download? xD i'm from brazil. there are many versions. and. your blog is awesome!

    1. download d685 for brazil, V10 means jelly bean and V20 means kitkat