Sunday, September 28, 2014

How to flash LG G Pro Lite offline

Alright, now i'm going to show you how to flash LG G pro lite using LG flash tool, this method does not required internet connection (offline).

So basically you need to download the kdz firmware for LG G pro lite and LG flash tool, this way you can flash your phone offline.

You maybe asking, why do i need to flash my phone? well here's some reasons why you want to flash your LG G pro lite:
  • your phone stuck in bootloop
  • you want to completely unroot the phone
  • you want to upgrade from jelly bean to kitkat
  • you want to downgrade from kitkat to jelly bean
  • your phone runs very slow and you want fresh install
  • you want to sell your phone 
Remember that this is a DWYOR tutorial, means do with your own risk, this flashing method is tested successfully by me, but i'm not responsible if you damaged your phone.

Here's all the ingredients for this tutorial (stuff that you need)
  1. LG united mobile driver, mirror
  2. LG G pro lite kdz firmware
  3. LG flash tool 2014, mirror
  4. Visual C++ runtime
  5. Computer running windows ( i use windows 7)
  6. The LG G pro lite itself
  7. Micro USB cable
  8. Donuts and coffee with less sugar
  9. Courage and confidence
Okay, after you get all the ingredients, we can begin to flash the phone, and don't forget to backup your data first, because all data inside internal memory will be gone after flashing.

Step by step how to flash LG G pro lite
  • install LG united mobile driver
  • install Visual C++ runtime
  • run LGFlashTool2014.exe
  • select type "CDMA" and phone mode as "DIAG"
  • select the kdz file (the firmware that you're going to use to flash the phone)
  • put the phone into download mode, read my previous article if you don't understand
  • click on "Normal Flash"
  • click ok on "select country & language" window
  • wait until the whole process finish

It's actually very easy to flash LG G pro lite offline using LG flash tool, now you can go from jelly bean to kitkat back and forth.

This flashing method could also be applied to other LG smartphones that runs android, such as LG  G3, G2, G2 mini, etc.

  • when i was flashing my G pro lite dual from kitkat 4.4.2 to jelly bean 4.1.2, after finish flashing i got stuck on boot logo, i solve this by doing factory hard reset and the phone boot normally.
  • make sure when you plug the phone to computer (download mode) there is no error message, install the latest LG united mobile driver.
  • it is recommended that you do factory reset before flashing your phone.

~ good luck ~


  1. kdz firmware links are dead , i need "ARE/UNITED ARAB EMIRATES -V10F" working link and thanks in advance :)

  2. Download site not working
    if you downloaded then pls upload for as.
    thanks in advance

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  4. Bricked my d686 while flashing a kdz using a bad USB cable.

  5. Did you copy this off XDA?
    Because then you should give credit to myself and the other guy who found this out!

  6. Has any one checked the new software update

  7. Any new for Lollipop for D686 or any custom rom.

  8. My flash tool is not showing any language selection plz help me

  9. Thanx......I succefully flashed my lg g pro lite

  10. can u share d686 flashable for kitkat please