Thursday, August 14, 2014

LG G Pro Lite KitKat review

Alright, it's time for me to review the brand new operating system (OS) for LG G pro lite, the android 4.4.2 kitkat. Is there any new features on kitkat 4.4.2?

What are the improvement over the previous OS? and is there any missing features from the original jelly bean 4.1.2, find out in this article.

New features on LG G pro lite kitkat 4.4.2 :
  • More QSlide apps (multi window), on jelly bean you only got 5 QSlide apps, on kitkat you got 9 QSlide apps.
  • The Quick Memo app is much improved, now it can detect one touch only, that means you can really draw something and other object that touch the screen won't recognized as drawing.
  • The Quick Memo app also add new tools and more backgrounds.
  • Daydream feature, in my opinion this is not really useful feature.
  • Guest mode is now part of the system settings, before it's just like an additional app.
  • The android settings/system settings have new look, now it's categorized into networks, sound, display, and general.
  • There is a printing options on system settings, which i'm not sure what this is for.
  • The clock app have new look but still works pretty much the same way.
  • The calculator app have new look but still works pretty much the same way.
  • The FM radio app have new look but still works pretty much the same way. 
  • The file manager have new look, now categorized into all files, music, image, video, and document for easy access, plus drop box option for cloud storage.
  • The movie app now comes with finger gesture.
  • The memo app now support password protection.
  • The Quick Translator app have new look and now can translate voice.
  • The SIM icon, battery indicator, and small clock on notification bar, is now all in white color.
  • The messaging app (sms) now can have background image and you can see from which SIM the sms came from (LG G pro lite dual).
  • New boot animation and shutdown animation.
  • There is a quick shortcut for google now and quick memo, you can do this by swiping your finger up, at the center bottom of the screen.
Missing features on LG G pro lite kitkat 4.4.2 :
  • KnockCode feature still not available
  • You can't change the SIM color theme (for LG G pro lite dual)
  • You can't change the clock style on lock screen anymore
  • Factory hard reset seems missing on kitkat

For me, the most disappointing thing about the kitkat is that, it doesn't comes with KnockCode feature, i was hoping KnockCode just like the one on LG G2 mini or LG L90.

Other thing is, compared to jelly bean, the kitkat is little bit slow (it's even worse if you don't do factory reset after upgrading), i hope LG would fix this on the next software update.

There are so many improvement on this kitkat 4.4.2 over the previous jelly bean 4.1.2, but somehow i don't feel like it's a huge different.

Upgrading LG G pro lite from jelly bean 4.1.2 to kitkat 4.4.2 doesn't feel like taking a giant leap, because there is no cool new feature that surprised me.


  1. Can you confirm Youtube Apps on kitkat 4.4.2 is not having Audio/video out of synch issue?
    Cos Mine has.
    Video always freeze for about 2 sec in the beginning of playback but the audio still running -> then audio/video out of synch .
    I already tried Factory Reset my G pro Lite dual but this problem still persist. Using latest version of Youtube apps.
    Never has this prob in jelly bean before

    1. it's not happen on my g pro lite dual, maybe because the internet connection, try using different network carrier or go to wifi hotspot maybe can solve the problem

    2. I dont think its becos internet connection, tried it on 3g/HSDPA and using Broadband 10Mbps from wifi. Also my other device (All android) is never experience this issue. Only on my G pro lite 4.4.2 (No problem in Jelly bean before).
      SO I Guess there is different between kitkat OTA (500Mb size) and kitkat From LG Tools (800MB).
      Will Try Reflashing with LG Tools

  2. You missed 1 new feature added...
    Moving apps to sd...
    And thanx bro for all your tutorials and tricks for g pro lite.....
    And regarding the knockcode feature i contacted one of the lg officials who said that it is expected to come in the next update in the coming months...

    1. But it doesn't work it tells the game has moved but it's still In internal memory android.. One or data

  3. Thanks for your detailed review. I've been following your blog since I got my LG G-Pro Lite, you've been very helpful. Would you suggest it's better to upgrade to Kitkat or stay with Jelly Bean? I don't mind not having the knock-on feature. What I like about KK is the possibility of moving apps to SD without rooting (which was not possible in JB).

    Also, is there a way to skip factory/hard reset after the upgrade? Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think factory reset wipes out all data, so I have to re-install all my apps again. I read somewhere that you can just go to settings then clear cache and reboot instead of doing a hard reset, anyone tried this yet?

    1. you can upgrade to kitkat without doing factory reset, but the phone will be very lag/slow

    2. Use the lg backup app and then apply factory settings

  4. How's the camera performance by the way? I've had issues in the past (on a different phone using custom ROMs) where the camera app gets screwed up after an upgrade.

    I've read posts where KK had issues accessing external SD's. Are you able to save images directly to the external SD (set save path to external storage)? I have an L70 running on Kitkat and I can't save directly to external SD. Hoping it's different for our D686.

    Is multi-tasking / split-screen still working? Would appreciate if you can post other bugs that you may find out using Kitkat. Thanks in advance and my apologies for the many questions.

    1. camera works normal, i can save to external sd card
      multi tasking (QSlide) works normal
      the kitkat is little bit slow/lag in terms of the UI compared to jelly bean, you can see this when moving from home screen to app drawer, i hope lg fix this in next software update

    2. Thanks for the reply. Will probably wait a little while until the bugs get fixed. Hopefully LG releases another update soon.

  5. There is another missing thing that quick remote still sucks and only can control few devices tv and dvd and blueray and still no working app in the market for it

    1. Half the time it doesn't work..lg shld upgrade it

    2. sell your G pro lite then buy G2 or G3

  6. Abt the feature moving games to SD card it a try doesn't work I downloaded asphalt 8 moved it to SD card in settings it shows that it got moved but the internal memory left still is 1gb

  7. What is The Solution OF factory/hard reset menu not working on kitkat ?

    1. you can do it from inside go to settings > general > backup & reset > factory data reset

  8. i have pattern lock screen. while drawing pattern its vibrating... how that vibration can be removed????

  9. the knock on unlock feature does not work well with the kitkat update? It's been a hit and miss for me... It was working well on JB... anyone with same behaviour?

  10. Not exit update Kit kat for mi D686 europe, is normal?

  11. Ho can I set up the LG pro lite to update apps only when connected t wifi?