Friday, February 7, 2014

How to install LG G Pro Lite USB driver

Hi guys, welcome back, today i will show you how to install USB driver for LG G pro lite, why you need to install the USB driver?

Because if you want to root your phone or use adb tool, the phone's driver should be installed properly on the computer otherwise it won't work.

Alright to install LG G pro lite USB driver, all you have to do is plug the phone to the computer and then the "USB connection type" will pop up (on the phone).

On the "USB connection type" select "LG software", then look at the computer you should see something like this (i'm on windows 7 by the way) :

Click on "Run LGAutoRun.exe", it will ask for administrator permission because it's going to install driver to the system.

That's it, now the LG G pro lite USB driver already installed on your computer, go ahead play with adb, it should work now (just make sure to enable the USB debugging mode too).

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