Friday, March 7, 2014

LG G Pro Lite software update

Just recently (february 2014) i got software update for my LG G pro lite dual, but actually this is not the first time, back in december 2013 there's also software update for LG G pro lite.

Two software update at very short time (2 months), i think that's a good sign, because usually LG is one of the slowest company to update their phone's software. So i think the rumors about LG G pro lite getting kitkat update could be true.

Anyway, back to the software/firmware update, the first update (december 2013) is for home screen improvement, while the second update (february 2014) is for apps and camera improvement.

Believe it or not, the first update i haven't root my LG G pro lite yet, but the second update i already root my phone and still be able to do the update without unroot it.

Technically you can't do the OTA (Over-The-Air) update if your phone already root, but somehow i can, so for you guy's who haven't root your LG G pro lite, don't use other root method, use only VRoot. Because that's how i root my phone and the OTA software update still works for me.

Here's the details about the software/firmware update :

Original firmware : D68610b-ESA-XX
After the first update (december 2013) : D68610d-ESA-XX (home screen enhancements)
After the second update (february 2014) : D68610h-ESA-XX (apps and camera enhancements)

The file size of the first update is only 14.14 MB and the second update is 14.50 MB

You can see your LG G pro lite software/firmware version by going to "Settings" > "About phone" > "Common" > "Software information" > "Software version".

Some people reports that after they do software/firmware update on LG G pro lite, they actually don't feel any different, but in my opinion there should be improvements over the previous version, we just don't realize it.

And who knows maybe next month there is another update for LG G pro lite, but one thing for sure my phone still able to update even with the root inside it.

For you guy's having trouble to do the software update via OTA, you might wanna try using program called LG Mobile Support Tool, i don't know how it works but go ahead try and maybe leave comment below after you success doing it.

~ good luck ~

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