Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to add Navigation Bar on LG G Pro Lite

Hi guys, whats up? okay i'm back giving you more tips tricks for LG G pro lite. This time i'm going to show you how to add navigation bar on LG G pro lite.

You know that most android smartphone today don't have physical navigation buttons anymore (except samsung), instead they use on screen navigation bar.

Smartphone like LG nexus 5, Sony xperia z2, they have built in navigation bar on the screen, we can also do the same on our LG G pro lite.

Alright to do this you are going to need :
Step by step how to add navigation bar on LG G pro lite :
  • open root explorer app.
  • mount as r/w (read/write), grant or allow if asking for root permission.
  • go to /system folder.
  • you should see the build.prop file, press long on that file, and then select "Open in Text Editor".
  • scroll down to the bottom and then type this code :
#enable navbar
  • save and exit.
  • reboot/restart the phone.

After reboot/restart you should see the on screen navigation bar, the weather widget might be crash, but i think it's okay.

Noticed that now the app icons and the text become smaller, looks like the resolution become larger, i don't know if this good or not.

If you want to get back to the original, simply remove the qemu.hw.mainkeys=0 code on build.prop file, or you can set qemu.hw.mainkeys=1.

~ havefun ~


  1. Hey when is lg gonna give a kitkat update.. Also post a article abt overclocking the cpu... Cpu is too slow

  2. Hi,

    How do you remove extra pages (when you swipe in the screen). Currently it has 7 pages.


    1. do pinch gesture on home screen, you should see all pages in boxes, press and hold one box and drag it to remove area, this will remove the page

  3. The trick is awesome but after applying that home screen and everything starts crashing....

  4. And regarding the update it will be out within this month only.....

  5. Would they updatetil 4.4.4 or4.4.2

  6. I had to reflash rom for LG G Pro Lite D682 when applying this procedure, it crashes logo, cautiously.

    1. be careful when editing build.prop, it can make your phone bootloop

    2. is there a recovery on the lg pro lite in case something goes wrong??