Monday, July 28, 2014

How to easily reboot and turn off LG G Pro Lite

Sometimes i feel lazy to press the power button when i want to restart/reboot the phone or when i want to turn off the phone, there must be a better way to do this.

I'm using flip cover on my LG G pro lite, so it's little bit hard to press the power button when i need to reboot or turn off my phone.

And then i found this app on google play, called quick boot, using quick boot i can reboot and turn off my phone without pressing the power button.

Quick boot requires root access, so you definitely must root your phone if you want to use this app. Go ahead download quick boot on google play store, it's free.

 You'll get 4 options on quick boot :
  1. reboot 
  2. recovery
  3. bootloader
  4. power off
I strongly suggest not to try the recovery and bootloader, because LG G pro lite does not have recovery mode and bootloader is locked by default.

Unless you already installed custom recovery mode and unlocked the bootloader (which i don't know how), don't try those two options.

Bottom line, quick boot is really useful app for android device not just LG G pro lite, this app makes your life easier.

~ cheers ~

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