Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to enable KnockON LG G Pro Lite

LG G Pro lite comes with "knock on" feature just like the mighty elder brother LG G2. The "knock-on" feature on LG G Pro lite is disabled by default, means you have to activate before you can use it.

In this article i will show you how to enable/activate the "knock-on" feature on LG G Pro lite. But first of all what is "knock-on"? The "knock-on" feature allows you to knock the screen twice to turn on/off your phone.

So basically "knock-on" could act as power button, knock the screen twice while the phone is off will wake up the phone, knock it again twice while the screen is on will turn off the phone.

To enable "knock-on" on LG G Pro lite, open the android setting, go to"Settings" and then select "Display", then tab on "KnockON", make sure it's checked.

Once the "knock-on" feature is enabled, you can double tap the center screen quickly to turn screen on and off. So instead of pressing the power button now you can just knock on the touch screen. 

Issues with "knock-on" feature :
  • it is not always accurate, sometimes it won't work at all.
  • sometimes the screen suddenly turn on by it self while no one is knocking the screen, it seems that a slight vibration could trigger the sensor inside.
The "knock-on" feature on LG G Pro lite is not perfect, but i think it's something good to have on a mid-range smartphone. 


  1. Heyii...!! I wud Like to knw abt the Guest Mode....!! Once entered into Guest mode How to come out of it..??
    U Dint Xplain that...??

  2. Hello,
    I have LG G PRO LITE (D686) and the keyboard split in lanscape mode does not funccion, or in the menu it doesnt show KnockON.
    My phone / firmware is:





    I saw in internet 3 versions of firmware: V10C_00, V10A_00, in different countries, my phone I think it`s from Taiwan.

    I can't find in internet any description of these firmwares. Can anyone tell me who has a different firmware than mine (v10c_00) if KnockON and the keyboard split are working and if there is a problem if I install a different version of firmware from different countries ? Thank you.

    1. It seems the KnockON feature is not enabled in the TWN version.

  3. I i don't have KnockOn in my LG G Pro lite Dual..Is there a way to install??? TNX

    1. go to "Settings" > "Display" > "KnockON"

    2. I searched, no KnocOn.....ili ako si sa Balkana...nema, sve sam istrazi i izgleda da nema tu opciju... :)

    3. Is there a program to be installed and to insert knocOn ??