Tuesday, December 3, 2013

LG G Pro Lite D686 quick review

In this article i'm going to do a quick review of LG G Pro Lite dual D686 and see all of the features of this 5.5 inches phablet (phone-tablet).

So instead of talking long and boring detail review, i'm going to say what i like and what i hate about this phone, this should be straight forward review.

What i like about LG G Pro Lite :

I like the design of LG G pro lite, for me it is slim and stylish, and surprisingly fit well on my jean pocket. I like the stylus a lot and the stylus is probably why people buy this phone instead of other brand such as samsung galaxy grand or galaxy mega.

Despite the low screen resolution (qHD) and low pixel density on LG G pro lite, the screen quality is not so bad, i can say the screen is definitely better than samsung galaxy grand.

LG G pro lite comes with infrared port for remote control purpose, so basically you can use LG G pro lite as remote control for your TV, DVD player or even blueray player. This is truly useful feature not just a high tech bullshit.

Another cool feature is the "knock on" and "guest mode" feature which originally came from the flagship smartphone LG G2. The "quick button", "quick memo" and "quick translator" also key features of this smartphone.

I also like the "cheese shutter" feature for the camera, which is could be very handy when you want to take picture you don't need to press a button just say the word "cheese", "LG", or "kimchi" and the camera will capture an image.

Another thing that i like about the camera on LG G pro lite is that you can apply color effects not only to still image (picture) but also for videos, truly amazing !!!

LG G pro lite also has great battery performance, the battery last longer than the competitors, it's probably because of the low specs hardware (dual core instead of quad core) and the use of large battery capacity 3140 mAh.

What i hate about LG G Pro Lite :

The thing i don't like about LG G pro lite is the video playback capability which only 720p and even with third party video player such as MX player, you could playback 1080p videos but it's not 100% smooth, a lot of frame skip.

Why this is important for me? because with 5.5 inches smartphone i definitely want to watch my favorite movie collection on my free times, like for example on a plane, bus, or train on the way to vacation. So video playback is important for me.

LG G pro lite also lack of auto brightness feature which commonly seen on mid-range and high-end devices. And to be honest the "knock on" feature is not 100% accurate, to shame.


  • 5.5 inches display
  • slim and stylish design
  • built in stylus pen
  • knock on feature
  • guest mode feature
  • remote control feature
  • cheese shutter feature
  • quick button feature
  • quick memo feature
  • quick translator feature
  • long battery life
  • dual SIM card
  • dual speakers


  • not very powerful specs (dual core cpu, old gpu and chipset)
  • qHD display resolution on a 5.5 inches screen
  • no auto brightness feature
  • no NFC feature
  • no LED notification feature
  • 720p video recording and playback (should be 1080p)
  • native video call not supported
  • little bit overpriced compared to the specs (but the price should be drop later on)

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