Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to setup guest mode on LG G Pro Lite

Just like the mighty flagship smartphone LG G2, the LG G Pro lite also comes with guest mode feature which allows you to have 2 different environment on your phone, one for you and the other for someone who borrow your phone. In this article i will show you how to setup guest mode on LG G Pro lite.

Guest mode, a function designed for owner who give their handsets to their children or other people to use. It allows them to restrict access to a limited number of apps. That's basically what guest mode is, a very useful feature, i think every smartphone should have this feature, really cool.

Alright, to enable guest mode you need to use "pattern" as your lock screen. So go ahead change your lock screen, go to "Settings" > "Lock screen" > "Select screen lock" > "Pattern". Make sure you add pin, so whenever you forget the pattern you still can unlock using pin.

Now go to the application drawer (Apps), and then select the "Guest mode" icon, it will be like this :
  1. now activate the guest mode by checking the check box
  2. then set pattern for the guest mode
  3. set which app will be shown on guest mode

Now go ahead try open the lock screen using guest pattern, and you will be taken to guest mode. On guest mode your access is limited, there are no home screen, notification bar, apps & widget drawer, etc. Only list apps that you setup before. 

With the guest mode enable/active now whenever your kids or friends borrow your phone you can relax, none of them will access restricted area of your phone. So that's one of the cool feature you can have on LG G Pro lite.

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