Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another software update for LG G Pro Lite

Last month (march 2014) there is another software update for LG G pro lite, so this is the third times i got software/firmware update.

And believe it or not, i still can do the software update via OTA (Over The Air) despite my phone already have root access.

If you can't do the software update via OTA, then you should try update using LG Mobile Support Tool, install on your PC and follow the instructions.

Anyway about the new software update, this one is very small only 0.92 Mb, the previous update is around 14 Mb, so i guess this just minor update.

Here's the details about the software/firmware update :

Original firmware : D68610b-ESA-XX
After the first update (december 2013) : D68610d-ESA-XX (home screen enhancements)
After the second update (february 2014) : D68610h-ESA-XX (apps and camera enhancements)
After the third update (march 2014) : D68610i-ESA-XX (apps enhancements)

  • in case you don't know (first time android users maybe reading this blog), to update via OTA, simply go to Settings > About phone > Common > Software update, there's also shortcut on app drawer that will open the software update menu.
  • software/firmware update might be different for each country/region
Let's wait and see what's the next update from LG, will it be the kitkat that we have been dreaming of? Only god and LG knows the answer.

~ peace out ~


  1. I want to ask , about kitkat updates for lg g pro lite .. roughly when?


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  3. can u share d686 flashable update.zip for kitkat please