Friday, April 4, 2014

How to set WCDMA only on LG G Pro Lite

On LG G pro lite dual (and perhaps G pro lite single too) there's is no option to set the network into WCDMA only or 3G only.

If you go to Settings > Tethering & networks > Mobile networks > Network mode, you will only see two options Automatic and GSM only, there is no WCDMA only.

Don't worry, there is a solution for this, you still can set WCDMA only on your LG G pro lite. Here's how :
  • Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • Testing menu will shows up, select "Phone information"
  • scroll down and see the "Set preferred network type", select "WCDMA only"
  • exit by pressing home button (don't press back button, just exit)

Now your LG G pro lite should be on WCDMA only, the signal indicator should shows H or H+ or perhaps 3G, but definitely not Edge or even GPRS.

You can also set WCDMA only on LG G pro lite using third party app, there are plenty on google play store and they're free apps.

Here's some of 2G-3G switcher apps :
And there are more you can find on google play store, but basically they works the same way.

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  1. Thank you kernel_panic
    Your are the only reason that let me buy this device
    The only 2 points i did not like in this device
    1_ no support for h+ only h even after applying your methode which is very slow speed in cpmparism with samsung mega as example
    2_no any methode.for moving apps to sd i tried them all my device is rooted and.lg didnt accept any methode except gl which is very useful but i was hoping to move apps too to increase internal memory
    Any way thanks.thanks thanks alot

    1. hello i have problem how to enable wcdma only on sim 2 plz reply soon

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  2. Please if u got any new tricks or tips for h+ or moving apps to sd or ram managemnt please let us know .. iam ready to help in any idea for the development or raising up this very helpful blog

  3. how to enable wcdma only on sim 2 ?
    plz reply

    1. i also use data network on SIM 2, set the default data network on SIM 2 and then follow my instructions above, or you can try install app called "Switch network type 2G/3G" from google play and set WCDMA only using that app