Saturday, April 26, 2014

Voice Recorder on LG G Pro Lite

LG G pro lite comes with built in voice recorder app, which allows you to record any sound you want to record through the microphone.

Voice recording is a basic functionality that every smartphones should have, it's a good thing that LG G pro lite comes with voice recorder app out of the box.

So you don't have to buy similar app on google play, basically you buy smartphones for it's software too, if you understand what i'm saying.

Anyway, there are two types of recording you can do on LG G pro lite, voice record for general purpose and voice record for message.

The different is that general purpose recording is on 3gpp audio format, while the message voice record will be on amr audio format.

I guess the amr audio format is highly compressed therefore it has smaller file size than the 3gpp audio format.

You can also set the location of the voice recording file, internal storage or external sdcard, i suggest choosing external sdcard.

The coolest thing about this voice recorder app, is that you can actually trim from inside the app, so you can remove any unwanted part of the recorded voice.

  • in order to get better voice recording, always point the microphone to the source of the voice/sound, if you don't know where the microphone is, it's on the bottom side of LG G pro lite next to the micro usb port.
  • always save to external sdcard, specially if you make a lot of recording or make very long recording.
  • you can convert to mp3 once you move the recording file to the computer

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