Wednesday, January 15, 2014

BBM works well on LG G Pro Lite

In case you haven't try, the blackberry messenger a.k.a BBM works well on LG G Pro lite, i have no issue using BBM on my LG G Pro lite, everything seems smooth.

Besides BBM, i'm also using LINE, Wechat, and also Whatsapp on my LG G Pro lite dual, but only BBM and LINE that i often use, because most of my friends are using it.

If you having issue with BBM on LG G Pro lite then it must be network related, like for example pending message or perhaps you can use BBM using wifi but not using 3G/data network.

This kind of problem has nothing to do with the phone, it is the network that you're using, something wrong with that, try using another SIM card or just contact the data network provider for help.

Anyway, BBM is available for free on google playstore, so go ahead download BBM for your LG G Pro lite. 

Here's screenshots of BBM taken from my LG G Pro lite dual.

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