Saturday, January 18, 2014

LG G Pro Lite Rubberdium stylus pen

LG G Pro lite comes with built in rubberdium type stylus pen for both dual SIM and single SIM version. That's what makes this phone different from the competitors like samsung galaxy grand, galaxy mega or sony xperia c.

The stylus is probably why people buy this phone (or should i say phablet), but what exactly the stylus can do? well, using the stylus pen you can do several task such as :
  1. draw something with quick memo app
  2. browse the web more conveniently
  3. play games with stylus (except racing games of course)
  4. when your hands are wet or dirty, why not use the stylus to operate the phone.
Not much but, it is something good to have on a 5.5 inches phablet (phone + tablet). But when you use the stylus pen on other smartphones it seems not work.

The only phone that certainly will work with the LG G Pro lite stylus is the LG Optimus Vu (also a phablet). The LG Optimus Vu is compatible with rubberdium stylus pen. 

The rubberdium stylus pen provides a smooth touch screen gliding experience, and allows the user to type with accuracy and comfort.

Use the stylus to manipulate the touch screen by gliding the tip of the stylus over the touch screen. The pen is designed to work without the need for power or additional software. 

Despite all of that, the stylus on LG G Pro lite is just a capacitive stylus, completely different from samsung galaxy note 3 stylus which could recognize pressure.

But hey, samsung galaxy note 3 is on completely different class, LG G Pro lite is a mid-range device while galaxy note 3 is a high end device.

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