Saturday, January 18, 2014

How to play 1080p movie on LG G Pro Lite

Hi everyone, welcome to another how-to episodes for LG G Pro lite, today i'm going to show you how to playback/watch full HD movie 1080p on LG G Pro lite.

As you all know, the hardware inside LG G Pro lite only capable of playback 720p, that's why each time you try 1080p movie it will says "video resolution not supported".

That's what happen if you try to open 1080p video using the stock video player, but don't worry i have a solution, you still can watch 1080p movie on LG G Pro lite.

Instead of using the built in video player, we're going to use third party video player, there are plenty of them, and MX player is one of the best in my opinion.

Not only you could playback 1080p movies using MX player, but also you will be able to watch movie from various format, unlike the stock video player which limited to several format.

MX player is available as free app but comes with advertisement, so it is a good idea to turn off your data network or wifi while you watch movie so that the ads won't show up.

There is also pro version of MX player costs about $5 dollars but without ads. Here's the link of MX player free, and here's the link for the pro version.

Another good thing about MX player is that compared with the stock video player the sound on MX player is much louder, the audio could be boost up to 200% when using MX player.

Here's some of my movie collections that i test on my LG G Pro lite :
  • Oz the great and powerful (2013), mp4 format, resolution 1920 x 800 pixels, works fine
  • The wolverine (2013), mp4 format, resolution 1920 x 768 pixels, works fine
  • RIPD (2013), mkv format, resolution 1920 x 812 pixels, works fine
  • Jack the giant slayer (2013), mkv format, resolution 1280 x 536 pixels, works fine
  • Tron legacy (2010), mp4 format, resolution 1280 x 720 pixels, works fine
  • Discovery channel ultimate journeys japan, mkv format, resolution 1280 x 720 pixels, works fine
  • Bunch of japanese movies with resolution below 720p, works fine
And here's screenshots of movies that i played using MX player on my LG G Pro lite :

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