Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quick Remote feature on LG G Pro Lite

LG G Pro lite comes with built in infrared (IR) blaster and quick remote app which enable us to use the phone as remote control for Television, DVD player, or even a Blue-ray player. Quick remote turns your phone into a universal remote for your home TV, DVD, and Blu-ray.

No need for additional software, the quick remote app will take care of everything, so for example you want to setup remote control for your Toshiba TV then you just add remote > select TV > select Toshiba > then you'll need to test the remote see if it's work on your TV.

The remote control that you just setup will be saved automatically, so next time you want to use the remote just select the one that match with the device you want to control. The remote control can be grouped into five different category : living room, bedroom, kitchen, den, and office.

Surprisingly the quick remote on LG G Pro lite not only works for newer TV but also works for some old CRT TV (non LCD). I still have some CRT TV in my mom's house such as Sanyo, TCL and Toshiba, all three works well with the quick remote on LG G Pro lite.

The remote control feature on LG G Pro lite is very helpful for me, because i often lost my TV remote, i always forget where i put it. But now i can just use my phone as a remote control not only for one TV but for all TV and DVD in my house. 

~ Thank you LG :) ~


  1. The quick remote in LG G Pro Lite can only control 3 kinds of devices (TV, DVD player, and BR Player). While on G Pro and G2, it can control more devices (projector, air conditioner, satellite box).
    How to get the G2/G Pro version of Quick Remote running on G Pro Lite?

    1. i don't know how and most important i dont have G2 or G Pro, so i can do nothing.

  2. I haven't found any other app that support G PRO LITE.
    Is any other application that support SAT / Cable boxes?
    It is possible to port G2/G3 app?

  3. How did you setup sanyo, with what tv brand, Panasonic?