Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to change the super user app

If you follow my previous article about how to root LG G pro lite using VRoot, then you'll know that you actually get a chinese super user app.

You don't like that chinese super user app? don't worry in this article i will show you how to change the super user app.

Alright first of all we are going to install new super user app from google play store (it's free) called SuperSU.

Here's step by step how to do it :
  • step 1, install the SuperSU (chainfire) app from playstore
  • step 2, run the SuperSU app
  • step 3, you'll be asking to update the super user binary, select continue
  • step 4, you'll be asking how would you like to install the SU binary? select Normal.
  • step 5, allow access for SuperSU
  • step 6, you'll be asking to uninstall the other super user app, select OK.
  • step 7, congratulation now you have new super user app

That's all, very simple isn't it? remember this tutorial is optional, just in case you don't like the chinese super user app that came with VRoot.

You can also try another super user app, it doesn't have to be SuperSU, but remember one thing you cannot have more than one super user app because it will cause conflict/error.

~ see you later ~

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