Monday, February 3, 2014

QSlide feature on LG G Pro Lite

LG G pro lite comes with QSlide feature just like the mighty smartphone LG G2, if you open the notification bar on LG G pro lite you will see list of QSlide apps.

QSlide helps you multitask easily while viewing an app in a small window on your screen. QSlide apps can be moved, resized or made transparent.

So basically after you open one of the QSlide apps, you can do three things move, resize, and change window transparency.

To move the window of QSlide app, simply drag the title bar to move around and drag the bottom right corner to resize the window of a QSlide app.

Making a QSlide app transparent lets you interact with items beneath it. Change transparency by moving the slider. To type in the QSlide app again, move the slider back to the right.

Here's list of QSlide apps on LG G pro lite :
  • stock video player
  • stock android browser
  • calendar app
  • memo app
  • calculator app
Not much but these QSlide apps are quite useful sometimes. And of course since LG G pro lite has a built in stylus pen, you can operate the QSlide apps using the stylus pen.

For me, move, resize and change the transparency of a QSlide apps using stylus is a lot easier than using my fingers, because it's more accurate using stylus.

QSlide feature makes my work more efficiently, i can open memo app while browse the web at the same time. But you are limited to open two QSlide apps plus one regular app at the same time.

Here's some screenshots of QSlide apps in action taken from my LG G pro lite dual D686 :

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