Monday, February 3, 2014

Quick Memo feature on LG G Pro Lite

Just like LG G2, LG G pro lite also comes with QuickMemo feature, but the difference is on LG G pro lite you can use the stylus pen for more accurate and easier drawing.

Using the QuickMemo you can captures any screen image on your phone, so you can add comments, drawings, humor…and share your personalized message with everyone.

So basically the QuickMemo could also works as screen capture, you have two options use QuickMemo or do the regular android screenshot to capture your screen, as i show you here.

You can open the QuickMemo by pressing the quick button (at the top of volume rocker button) or you can also open from the notification bar.

QuickMemo captures everything that matters to you, whether it's a sneak peek at a new car, a fashion accessory too good to keep to yourself, a key paragraph in a business document, etc.

The more you use QuickMemo, the more you appreciate how it becomes a seamless part of your life. You'll view screen content in a different way, realizing the impact that a personal message can have on recipients. 

QuickMemo really gets your point across. It triggers fresh ideas. Fun. When something on your smartphone screen grabs your imagination, it's yours to annotate and personalize. 

QuickMemo can be shared in many ways, including email, texting, blogging, social network sites and more.You can view any memo you've just create from the gallery, or you can access this location :

You can also go to this location when you plug the LG G pro lite to a computer :
Computer\LG-D686\Phone storage\QuickMemo\
Here's screenshots of some of my memos :

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