Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to unroot LG G Pro Lite using VRoot

Using VRoot software you can also unroot LG G pro lite, it's very simple just hit the unroot button and the root access will be gone forever.

Here's how to unroot LG G pro lite using VRoot :
  • step 1, put the phone on USB debugging mode
  • step 2, plug the phone to computer
  • step 3, run VRoot
  • step 4, VRoot will detect whether the phone has root access or not, if yes you'll see the unroot button
  • step 5, hit the unroot button
  • step 6, wait until the whole process finish
  • step 7, congratulation you have unroot the phone

Unlike when you root the phone, the unroot process doesn't reboot the phone. Don't forget to uninstall the chinese app that came with when you root the phone. 

If you're not satisfy with this unroot method, you can also do factory data reset just to make sure that the super user is really gone. 

~ good luck ~


  1. Hi! Thank you for maintaining this blog.
    There are not many forums or blogs that share any tips regarding G Pro LIte.

    BTW, i have tried your tutorial of how to unlock with VRoot, it just seems like what you have told here. The vroot app said that the unroot succeeded.

    But unfortunately, LG's system update still find my G Pro Lite device is rooted, and it won't to update. How can i check if my device is unrooted?

    I think i'm not going to do factory reset. Do you have any other solution?

    1. factory reset doesn't make my device fully unrooted, LG system still says, my device is being rooted....please help...

    2. did you do hard reset? restart the phone then press power button + volume down together while booting will take you to factory hard reset. if thats not work then you need to flash using LG Mobile Support Tool. I'm not sure but i think you can also get the software update using that tool.

      FYI : i also root my lg g pro lite but i still able to do the software update

    3. Yup. Flashing with LG Mobile Support Tool solved my problem. Just click the update button and follow the instruction. Support Tool will download aprox. 800 mb of ROM. And everything will be ran automaticaly. No need to reinstall all your app.

  2. @Hariz: senasib kita gan.

    @kernel-panic: in where region are you?

  3. Does it mean resetting the phone will unroot the phone even without unrooting via vroot ? Just asking, hmm thankyou :)

    1. yes doing factory hard reset will remove the root too

  4. Hi! Thank you for maintaining this blog
    I had rooted my device, and then something work do not good, so I reset factory my phone, after that, when my phone in the first set up, sign in google acount, it's not accept, no option display, I'm stuck in this step. What I can do now? Thanks

    1. maybe you can try flash your phone with LG Mobile Support Tool, just download the software on your PC and follow the instructions