Sunday, March 16, 2014

Collin Mcrae Rally on LG G Pro Lite

Collin Mcrae Rally is one of my favorite racing game on game console, i remember playing this game on playstation 1, and now this game available for android platform.

Collin Mcrae Rally is actually a port from the sequel of the collin mcrae rally 1, so basically this is a collin mcrae rally 2.0 for playstation 1 game console.

But some part are missing from the original game, such as the tracks and the cars too, the android version only have 4 cars selection, ford focus, subaru impreza, lancer evo 4, and lancia stratos.

When i try this game on my LG G pro lite and it works perfectly, everything is smooth no lag at all, only the loading time is very slow, but this is bug from the game not because of the LG G pro lite.

Let's hope that the developer of collin mcrae rally (Thumbstar Games) will improve the loading times in the next update.

But overall this game is really good, specially if you've been playing this game before on playstation, this game will bring back those good old memory.

I highly recommended this game for LG G pro lite users, because this game is really great and works well on LG G pro lite without any issue.

So go ahead buy collin mcrae rally on google play store, it costs about $4.99 USD, definitely worth the money.

If you can't afford to buy it, here's the alternative download link, support the developer by buying the original game.

Here's collin mcrae rally screenshots taken from my LG G pro lite :


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