Monday, March 3, 2014

Gunman Clive on LG G Pro Lite

Gunman clive is a classic 2D shooter game, very addictive and super fun to play. I really enjoy playing gunman clive on my LG G pro lite.

I have been playing gunman clive on my other phones which has smaller screen, and playing this game on LG G pro lite is more fun because the 5.5 inches screen gives you more control.

Gunman clive is one of the game that support gamepad controller, so basically you can play this game with a game controller such as PS3 dual shock 3 controller (i will talk later about this topic).

Anyway, gunman clive is 100% compatible with LG G pro lite, so i would recommend you to buy gunman clive from google play store (costs about $1.99 USD).

Gunman clive is super fun to play, plus this game has unique graphics and music, kind of western style cowboy shooter.

So what are you waiting for? grab your phone and play gunman clive, here's gunman clive alternative download link, in case you don't have money to buy it.

Here's gunman clive screenshots taken from my LG G pro lite dual :

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