Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to setup SmartShare on LG G Pro Lite

Alright folks, because some people asking me about it, so in this article i'm going to show you how to setup smartshare on LG G pro lite.

Okay, before we begin, do you know what smartshare is? is it some kind of food? no you dumb ass, smartshare is not a food :) LOL

Smartshare is a local wireless media sharing between various devices such as LG smartphones, LG smart TV, computers or laptop.

Smartshare is an application that allows you to search and play media contents, such as videos, pictures and music, in device connected to the home network by using DLNA.

So basically after you setup smartshare, for example you have movie on your laptop, you can play that movie on your LG G pro lite without having to copy the file.

And not only movie, you can also share music and photos too once you have smartshare setup at your home or wherever you want as long as there is WiFi network.

Since i don't have LG smart TV, in this tutorial i will demonstrate smartshare between my laptop and my LG G pro lite.

So here's step by step how to setup smartshare using LG G pro lite and a laptop :
  • step 1, download smartshare software for PC.
  • step 2, install smartshare software on your laptop/computer.
  • step 3, run smartshare software on your laptop/computer.
  • step 4, turn on smartshare service.
  • step 5, go to "My Shared Content", select any folder that you want to share (the one that contains movie files, music files, or photos), and then click apply.
  • step 6, connect your laptop/computer to a wireless network/WiFi hotspot (no internet is needed, because smartshare is just a local multimedia sharing).
  • step 7, connect your LG G pro lite to the same wireless network as your laptop/computer.
  • step 8, open smartshare app on LG G pro lite
  • step 9, accept sharing request from your laptop/computer
  • step 10, select your laptop/computer as the library and your LG G pro lite as the player
  • step 11, enjoy multimedia content on your smartphone :) 

On smartshare app you will see two things library and player, library is the source of the multimedia files and player is the device that will play the multimedia files.

If you select your laptop/computer as both library and player (step 10), the LG G pro lite will become some kind of remote control, very cool stuff.

Unfortunately because of LG G pro lite cannot play 1080p movie using the stock movie player, so you're limited to 720p movie playback if you set LG G pro lite as player.

  • smartshare will not work if you create WiFi hotspot on LG G pro lite, if you don't have access point/wireless router you can create WiFi hotspot using other smartphone, for example in this tutorial i'm actually use my samsung phone to create WiFi hotspot.
  • smartshare software for PC requires Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributable package (x86).
  • i'm doing this on my LG G pro lite dual running stock jelly bean 4.1.2, windows 7 laptop, and smartshare software for PC version 2.1.1309.1101.


  1. this is offtopic but many guys from xda is trying to put cwm in g pro lite butit shows security error...which can mean it has a locked bootloader all the existing metbod for unlocking bootloader is not working it wont go into fastboot .. hav to find a method imto unlock it or else no development for g pro lite

    1. maybe you can ask LG engineer to unlock the bootloader :)

  2. Replies
    1. you can go to LG office in Korea, and dont forget to bring your phone