Friday, March 7, 2014

QuickButton on LG G Pro Lite

QuickButton is another useful feature on LG G pro lite, by default the QuickButton act as shortcut launcher for the QuickMemo app, and of course this could be change.

The QuickButton is completely customizable, you can change it to whatever app you want to set. To do that, simply go to "Settings" and then select "QuickButton".

Next, tap on "Shortcut" and then select apps you wish to get quick access to using QuickButton, very easy isn't it?

For example i'm going to choose facebook app, so now everytime i press the QuickButton, facebook app will pop up.

If you really love taking picture with your phone, why not set the QuickButton to give quick access to the camera app/mode. 

By the way when you're in camera mode, the QuickButton could be use as shutter button to take pictures, so basically LG G pro lite do have dedicated camera button.

The idea of QuickButton on LG G pro lite is quite simple but this feature turn out to be very useful in daily life.

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