Monday, March 31, 2014

Mike V: Skateboard Party on LG G Pro Lite

Mike V: Skateboard party is the first tony hawk style skateboarding game on android platform, this game already have a sequel which is skateboard party 2.

But before i go to skate party 2, let me review the original game skateboard party 1 featuring old school professional skateboarder mike vallely.

Like i said this game is pretty much like tony pro skater games, you can do flip tricks, grab tricks, and also grind something.

The bad thing though, skateboard party have less tricks than tony hawk games, but it's all right, it's better than nothing.

I have been playing this game on my LG G pro lite phablet for a while and i think the 5.5 inches screen looks good when you play this game.

I really enjoy playing skateboard party on my LG G pro lite, this game running smooth no lag at all on LG G pro lite.

Skateboard party 1 is does not comes with game data cache, so you need to install the apk only, no game cache needed.

And there are two version on android, the lite which is free and the non-lite which costs about $1.99 USD, and definitely worth the money.

Here's Mike V: Skateboard Party alternative download link, in case you want to try out first before buying the game.

And here's screenshots of Mike V: Skateboard Party taken from my LG G pro lite :

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