Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to setup PS3 controller on LG G Pro Lite

Once you have root access on your phone, you can do a lot of things, such as use PS3 dual shock 3 wireless controller to play games. In this article i'm going to show you how to setup PS3 controller on LG G pro lite.

To do this you will need :
  1. root access on the phone
  2. PS3 dual shock wireless controller
  3. Sixaxis Controller app on the phone (not free)
  4. SixaxisPairTool software on the computer (free)
The Sixaxis Controller app costs about 2 dollars or something on google play store, if you can't buy it here's the alternative download link.

Then you will need small program called SixaxisPairTool on the computer which you can get for free from this website.

Alright once everything is ready, the first step is to find out the bluetooth address on LG G pro lite and then set the same address on the PS3 controller.

Here's step by step how to setup PS3 controller on LG G pro lite :
  • step 1, install Sixaxis Controller app on LG G pro lite.
  • step 2, open Sixaxis Controller app, click start, and then at the bottom you will see the local bluetooth address of your LG G pro lite, for example mine was : BC:F5:AC:37:E9:D4 (each device have different address)
  • step 3, on your computer install the SixaxisPairTool software.
  • step 4, plug the PS3 controller to the computer using USB cable (it's USB type B, the one that came with digital cameras) and then press the playstation button.
  • step 5, run the SixaxisPairTool program on the computer, it will show the current bluetooth address for the PS3 controller (current master) and you need to update so that the bluetooth address on the PS3 controller is same as bluetooth address on LG G pro lite, just enter the bluetooth address found in step 2 into the "change master" field and then hit update.
  • step 6, unplug the PS3 controller from the computer
  • step 7, press the playstation button on the PS3 controller 
  • step 8, the Sixaxis Controller app should says "Client 1 connected"
  • step 9, click on "change IME" button, and select Sixaxis Controller
  • step 10, the PS3 controller is ready to use, now you should be able to navigate the menu using the PS3 controller.

When you're not using the PS3 controller, don't forget to change the IME (step 9) back to "LG Keyboard", this will change the default input to normal.

If you're going to buy a PS3 controller, make sure you buy the original one, don't buy the chinese-fake PS3 controller because it probably won't work.

~ have fun ~

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