Saturday, March 8, 2014

How to setup USB Tethering on LG G Pro Lite

Hello everyone, you probably already know how to do this, but in this article i'm going to show you how to setup USB tethering on LG G pro lite.

So what is USB tethering anyway? it's a way to share your phone internet connection to a computer using USB cable, unlike WiFi tethering which is using wireless.

If the computer that you're using have wireless then you should do WiFi tethering instead, but if your computer lack of wireless then USB tethering is the answer.

Okay, to do USB tethering on LG G pro lite is very simple, but first of all you need to install LG G pro lite USB driver on the computer so that the computer could recognize the device.

Step by step how to setup USB tethering on LG G pro lite :
  • step 1, plug your LG G pro lite to a computer using USB cable
  • step 2, the "USB connection type" window will pop up, select "USB tethering"
  • step 3, the phone will checking for USB driver, skip if you already install the driver
  • step 4, USB tethering dialog will pop up, select OK to activate the USB tethering
  • step 5, enjoy the internet connection
Now you should be able to use internet on your computer, the connection came from your mobile data network (3G/HSDPA).

You may think this is like a dial up modem, no you're wrong, USB tethering is more like wired network or ethernet, but done using USB cable.

Another good thing is that USB tethering on LG G pro lite not only works with windows operating system but also works on linux, specially ubuntu because i already try it.

On ubuntu, if you type command ifconfig, you'll see that you get new network interface which is the usb0, and that is the USB tethering connection.

You can also type dmesg command on ubuntu to get more information about this connection, you'll see USB CDC device connected.

Note that you can also get USB tethering using third party app which you can find plenty on google play store, but it is something good to know that LG G pro lite have this feature built in.

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