Monday, March 31, 2014

Skateboard Party 2 on LG G Pro Lite

Skateboard Party 2 is the sequel of Mike V: Skateboard Party, with no mike vallely name on it or any other professional skateboarder.

Skateboar party 2 also works well on LG G pro lite, unlike skateboard party 1 now the game comes with data cache, probably for more content on the game.

It seems like there is a slight improvement on the graphics, but the movement and the tricks is still the same which is sucks, i wish the developer add more tricks.

Some glitch from the original game also still exist, like for example you're not bailing when you land sideways.

The funniest thing is like when i do blunt slide the game says that i'm doing a nose slide, this game still can't tell the different between blunt slide and nose slide.

But despite all that, skateboard party still my best choice for skateboarding game on android platform.

Skateboard party 2 costs about $1.99 USD (same price as the original game), and i think worth the money, and since this time there is no lite version.

I highly recommend skateboard party 2 for every LG G pro lite users, specially if you're a skateboarder too in real life (like me).

Here's skateboard party 2 alternative download link (apk+data cache), in case you want to try it first before buying it.

And here's Skateboard Party 2 screenshots taken from my LG G pro lite :

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