Monday, March 17, 2014

How to move game data to external sdcard

So you want to know how to move game data on LG G pro lite to external sdcard? okay i'm going to show you in this article.

There are many ways to move game data to external sdcard, but what i'm about to show you is the easiest one, using app called GL to SD.

GL to SD is a free app, but of course comes with advertisement inside it, and this app requires root access in order to work. 

There is no way you can move app/game data to external sdcard without rooting your phone. Don't be stupid there is no such a thing.

You don't need step by step to do this, once you download and install GL to SD you'll know what to do. But i'm going to explain in step by step anyway.

Step by step how to move game data to external sdcard :
  1. install GL to SD from google play store or from here
  2. open GL to SD, it will asking for root access/permission, just grant/allow it.
  3. you will see all of your apps and games, select the one you want to move
  4. wait until the moving process finish
  5. next time you want to play games that already moved to external sdcard, you need to open from GL to SD otherwise it wont work.
  6. if you want to move another game, you need to press the unmount button (if currently mounted)

That's it very easy, very simple isn't it? other method such link to sd, folder mount, swap sdcard, etc requires more work, GL to SD is the easiest method of moving game data to external sdcard.

I recommend using class 10 external sdcard for better performance, and at least 8GB so you can have many games installed.

So where did the game data stored on external memory? you can see them in this location :
  • /storage/external_SD/data/
  • /storage/external_SD/obb/
There will be data and obb folder on your external sdcard once you start moving games to external sdcard, go check it if you don't believe me.

~ enjoy ~


  1. Thanks a lot, your site is a great help :)

  2. Hi,

    I installed GL to sd card but when i opened it is showing error "cannot get root priviledge"...i dnt understand what does it mean..please help me..

    1. hi, you need to root your phone, GL to SD will work only if you have root access