Monday, May 12, 2014

How to backup APK on LG G Pro Lite

In this article i'm going to show you how to backup or extract apk from installed apps on LG G pro lite (should work on other phone too).

Did you know that when you download apps from google play store, you actually don't get the apk file, to get the apk file we need special tool.

There is an app called File Expert (FE), File Expert is actually a file manager but with capability of extracting apk from installed apps.

So go ahead download File Expert from google play store, and don't worry File Expert is a free app, you can download for nothing.

So here's how to backup/extract apk using File Expert :
  • open File Expert, select the Apps icon (the blue android icon).
  • select app that you want to backup (press the checkbox)
  • on the bottom press backup button (the clock icon)
  • select "Local Backup" and wait until finish
  • you can find the extracted apk on /storage/sdcard0/backup_apps/
That's it, very simple isn't it? this backup method does not required root permission, even though if you already root your phone it will ask for permission.

There is other way to backup/extract apk from android phone, which is using adb pull command, but it's little bit complicated for beginner.

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  1. Hi, just like to ask if it is possible in LG G Pro Lite to directly access file in a USB using USB OTG cable? Thanks.

    1. unfortunately LG G Pro lite doesn't support usb OTG