Saturday, May 17, 2014

How to get more dictionary for LG G Pro Lite

LG G pro lite comes with dictionary app that can be use with quick translator, and you will get 1 free dictionary language pack.

Normally after you choose to download one dictionary language and then if you want more dictionary you need to purchase from google play store.

But there is a simple hack that will allow you to have more than one dictionary for free. Basically using this trick you can get all dictionary for free.

Step by step how to get free dictionary language on LG G pro lite :
  1. download any dictionary language you want (you get one free dictionary language, use that!)
  2. backup/extract the dictionary language you just download using FE (File Expert), as i mention on my previous post
  3. uninstall the dictionary language
  4. go to Settings > Apps > find the dictionary app (the app not the language) and open it, click on "Clear data"
  5. the free dictionary download should be available again, download another one and repeat the step until you get all dictionary you need.
With that simple trick you can get all of the dictionary language available without having to pay anything.

~ cheers ~

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