Saturday, May 10, 2014

Quick Translator feature on LG G Pro Lite

LG G pro lite comes with quick translator app which allows you to translate using the back camera, the back camera will detect words or sentences and translated for you.

So for example you have a japanese writings (book,newspaper,etc), open the quick translator app and point the camera to the writings and it will translated to any language you choose.

There are three types of translation on quick translator app :
  1. Word
  2. Line
  3. Block. 
"Word" means the app will detect only one word and translate it, "Line" means it will detect on one horizontal line, and "Block" will translate the whole screen.

I think the "Word" method is the fastest and the most accurate one, and you can do it offline if you have installed dictionary.

translate a single word :
translate a single line :

translate the whole block :

So even if you purchase a dictionary, the offline translation will only works using "Word" method, you still need internet connection to translate using "Line" and "Block" method.

Overall the quick translator app and the dictionary is very useful feature, i just wish i could download all of the dictionary for free.

The quick translator and the dictionary will be extremely helpful for someone who travel a lot to other country.

Not only that, it is also extremely helpful for students and teachers who read a lot of books and literature from different language.

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