Monday, May 12, 2014

How to install adobe flash on LG G Pro Lite

Adobe flash player for android is no longer available on google play store, but if you want you actually can install flash player on LG G pro lite.

Most websites today does not use adobe flash anymore, instead they use HTML5, but there are some websites that still use flash.

In order to open those flash-powered websites, you need to install adobe flash player on your phone, in this case LG G pro lite.

To prove that this actually works, open this website using android browser/stock browser (don't use google chrome).

If you open that website without flash, you won't be able to see the fish, because the fish is made from flash, basically you need to install flash player.

So here's how to install adobe flash player on LG G pro lite :
  • step 1, download flash player apk
  • step 2, install the apk on LG G pro lite
  • step 3, open android browser/stock browser (don't use chrome)
  • step 4, open url
  • step 5, you should be able to see some fish

Congratulation you have just install adobe flash on your LG G pro lite, now you should have no problem opening websites that contains flash.

For some reasons, the flash player is not working on google chrome browser, it only works with stock android browser.

NOTE : tested on LG G pro lite dual D686 running stock jelly bean 4.1.2

~ cheers ~

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