Monday, May 26, 2014

Grand Theft Auto 3 on LG G Pro Lite

Grand Theft Auto 3 (GTA 3) is an open world action adventure game released on 2002 for PC windows, GTA 3 remains as one of the best game on PC.

In 2011, GTA 3 was ported to android and ios platform. Now the question is, can LG G pro lite runs GTA 3 smoothly?

I have been playing GTA 3 on my LG G pro lite for few days now and so far it runs smoothly, i did not see any lag issue or frame rate drop, everything is perfect.

The controls are great, little bit confusing at the first time but once you get used to it, the controls becomes very easy to use.

But sometimes the controls are little bit slippery probably because the touch screen on LG G pro lite, it feels very soft and very sensitive.

Overall GTA 3 is totally playable for LG G pro lite, i highly recommend this game for every G pro lite users out there, this game is very good.

GTA 3 is one of android game that actually compatible with gamepad, so if you don't like playing with virtual button why not use gamepad, such as ps3 wireless controller.

I already create tutorial on how to setup ps3 gamepad on LG G pro lite, so go ahead try it, playing GTA 3 with gamepad is a lot easier an enjoyable.

GTA 3 data cache is quite large, about 1.21 GB (single obb file), while the file size of the apk itself is only 9.58 MB.

GTA 3 data cache location :
Here's screenshots of GTA 3 taken from my LG G pro lite dual D686 :

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