Saturday, May 24, 2014

How to root LG G Pro Lite using Kingo

If you read my previous post, i have just factory reset my phone, and now the superuser (root) is gone, so i need to root my phone again, but this time i'm going to use kingo.

Kingo is similar to vroot, it's an one click root program, you can download kingo from here, don't worry kingo is free software too just like vroot.

Step by step how to root LG G pro lite using kingo :
  1. download and install kingo on your computer
  2. make sure LG G pro lite usb driver already installed on your computer
  3. turn on USB debugging mode on your LG G pro lite 
  4. USB connection type should be "Media sync (MTP)"
  5. run kingo software with administrator permission (on windows 7)
  6. plug LG G pro lite to the computer
  7. kingo should detect the phone as MTK device (mine is "MTK device (luv90ds)")
  8. press the root button wait until the whole process finish
  9. after reboot, unplug the phone from the computer
After reboot, if your phone still plug to the computer and you still running kingo, kingo will try to install unnecessary app on your phone.

This is the bad thing about kingo, they will try to install unwanted app on your phone, if you see adb shell request on your phone just deny it, or simply unplug the phone.

NOTE : you can also unroot using kingo, and it's probably cleaner than unroot using vroot

~ be careful ~

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  1. Hello! I have G Pro lite Dual D686 with Android 4.4.2
    -No success in rooting with Kingo: "Root failed. Download error"
    - No success in rooting with Vroot
    - No success in rooting with Cydia Impactor: "bad signature bugs"

    Any suggestions?