Thursday, May 29, 2014

Need For Speed Shift on LG G Pro Lite

Need for speed shift is one of the best racing game on android, the graphics are good and the controls are easy, you just tilt the phone left and right.

Need for speed shift works perfectly on LG G pro lite, i had no issue playing this game on my LG G pro lite dual.

There are many cars on NFS shift android, and you need to play the career mode in order to unlock the cars and then buy it with your money.

Anyway, NFS shift is still a good racing game despite it is an old game, i highly recommend NFS shift for LG G pro lite users.

There are plenty of racing game, but if you want a game that's not gonna make your internal storage full, then NFS shift is the perfect one.

Need for speed shift game data cache is only 81 Mb, so it's should fit well on LG G pro lite internal storage.

Go ahead purchase need for speed shift on google play store, it costs about $3 dollars and i think it's worth to buy.

Hardcore racing fans would love this game, totally recommended, specially if you haven't play this game before.

And here's screenshots of NFS shift, taken from my LG G pro lite dual :

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