Saturday, May 17, 2014

How to factory hard reset on LG G Pro Lite

In this article i'm going to show you how to do factory hard reset on LG G pro lite, but before we begin, i want you to backup all of your data.

Because factory hard reset will erase everything that's on the internal storage/internal sdcard (storage/sdcard0/), so backup your data!

Not only images, music, or videos, but also backup your app too, i already explain how to backup/extract apk on LG G pro lite.

When you ready, we can begin the factory hard reset, here's step by step how to do factory hard reset on LG G pro lite :
  1. turn off your phone
  2. press and hold power button + volume rocker down simultaneously during boot
  3. if you press correctly, you will enter the factory hard reset menu
  4. press power button to confirm
  5. press power button again to confirm
  6. wait until the whole process finish, it takes a while before you can go to home screen again 
this factory reset method seems not working anymore on kitkat 4.4.2, therefore you must do the factory reset from inside the OS, go to Settings > General > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > reset phone > Erase everything.
Why do i need factory hard reset? here's reasons why you need to do factory hard reset :
  1. you want to sell your phone to someone else
  2. you want to go to default setting
  3. you want to start all over again
  4. you want to clean your phone from unwanted app
  5. your phone is slower than before
Make sure you know what you are doing, don't do factory hard reset if you are not sure what it is, i'm not responsible if you lost important data from your phone.

~ cheers ~