Thursday, May 29, 2014

Max Payne Mobile on LG G Pro Lite

Max Payne Mobile is another good game that originally made for PC, now available for android and ios platform.

Max Payne Mobile is based on the original max payne game (2001) by remedy entertainment, i remember playing this game on my PC.

I played the original max payne on my pentium 3 PC with 256 Mb of ram and onboard graphics, the game was played smoothly.

So i can say that max payne mobile is not really a heavy game, technically LG G pro lite could play the game without any issue.

And yes, it's true, max payne mobile is running smoothly on my LG G pro lite, no lag at all, everything is perfect. Max payne mobile works well on LG G pro lite.

At first, you maybe confused with the controls, but once you get used to it, should be no problem. I'm not sure but i think this game also compatible with gamepad.

I highly recommend max payne mobile for every LG G pro lite users, this game is fantastic, even if you're already played before on PC or PS2.

Like GTA series on android, max payne mobile also comes with large data cache, 1.35 GB of obb file, which located at :


And here's screenshots of max payne mobile, taken from my LG G pro lite dual :

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