Tuesday, May 27, 2014

GTA Vice City on LG G Pro Lite

GTA vice city is the successor of GTA 3, GTA vice city was released on 2002 for PS2 and 2003 for PC, while the android and ios version released on 2012. 

GTA vice city use the same game engine as GTA 3 but tweaked to get better results, so we can say that GTA vice city is little bit heavier than GTA 3.

Same questions, could LG G pro lite runs GTA vice city without any problem? will it lag? is it enjoyable playing GTA vice city on LG G pro lite?

The answer is yes, GTA vice city is totally playable on LG G pro lite, i had no issue playing GTA vice city on my LG G pro lite dual.

Everything is smooth, no lag at all, just like GTA 3, GTA vice city is also highly recommended for LG G pro lite users, the game is excellent.

Compared to GTA 3, on GTA vice city you got more vehicle to choose, not only cars and trucks but also motor bike and scooters.

Just like GTA 3, GTA vice city also support game controller, looks like every GTA series on android is support for game controller.

So if you have for example PS3 gamepad lying around, why not use it as controller? read my tutorial about how to setup ps3 controller on LG G pro lite.

Like GTA 3, GTA vice city also comes with huge game data cache, 1.38 GB, the apk itself is only 3.84 MB.

GTA vice city data cache location :


And here's screenshots of GTA vice city taken from my LG G pro lite dual :

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